One of the high points of UD‘s writing life was being published, about twenty years ago, in Richard Poirier’s journal, Raritan. She had long admired Poirier’s essays on literature — his independent spirit, his beautiful writing style — and was thrilled when he put her in Raritan.

Poirier has died, age 83, from a fall.

This charming tribute to him — “”He was a wonderful man. He was fantastic, rambunctious, beefy with energy.” — comes from the poet Frederick Seidel, Poirier’s longtime friend. (Have I posted on Seidel on this blog? I think I have. I’ll check.) (I have. But this reminds me that I’ve meant to write about his poetry. I’ll do that. Maybe today.)

I was surprised to read that his father was a fisherman. I’d have guessed diplomat, lawyer.

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