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“She is from the German minority in Romania and from that experience, she writes extraordinary accounts of being an ethnic minority in a totalitarian regime. But this is not overtly political writing; it’s very poetic and elliptical. She’s an extraordinary writer.”

Herta Müller’s British publisher reacts to her having won the Nobel Prize for literature. 

Details here, and I’ll see what I can find of hers in English today — maybe something I can blog about.


Two Updates:

First, from an email I just got from Vladimir Tismaneanu, a colleague of Mr UD’s who knows Muller:


Harsh critic of Communist dictatorships in EE.  As she put it, she lived for over 30 years in a dictatorship. This topic haunts her writing: fear, anxieties, courage, survival, dignity.

One of her best known novels, Der Konig veneigt sich und totet (The King Bows and Kills).

It’s a most appropriate decision twenty years after the fall of the Wall of Shame (the Berlin Wall), a tribute to all those who refused to bow…

And second, excerpts from an interview with her on Radio Romania.

Margaret Soltan, October 8, 2009 7:09AM
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