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The Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis at Indiana University…

… where Mr UD has been a visitor, houses the first woman to win a Nobel Prize in economics: Elinor Ostrom. She is Mr UD’s friend.

“She’s the most prominent person working to preserve the connection of political science to all things civic. So she was, for instance, part of the small group of people that we brought together to plan the Summer Institute in Civic Studies.

You need to keep alive the civic impulse of the social sciences, and she’s been active in promoting, for example, civic education.

It’s a wonderful endorsement of a way of thinking about social science which connects it to civic practice.

She’s very committed to interdisciplinary studies. She’s done a lot of work on systems governing the allocation of water.


Farmers and governments develop such systems. The general question is: How do you get people to cooperate? She works pragmatically with people and institutions on this, and does the theoretical work.”


Here’s an excellent place to read an essay of Ostrom’s. Hers is the first chapter in the book.

Oliver Williamson of Berkeley is the other winner this year.


Update: A nice take on what Ostrom’s about.

Margaret Soltan, October 12, 2009 6:41AM
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One Response to “The Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis at Indiana University…”

  1. Bill Gleason Says:

    Probably get clobbered for this, but what the hell…

    Some have suggested that this award confirms a trend toward awarding the economics NP to social scientists. One might argue that Ostrom is a political scientist.

    In a way, I think this is a good idea because the number of economists is small compared with, say, the number of scientists eligible for the other awards. Of course an awful lot of them go to crystallographers.

    And of course the award of the NP peace prize is certainly questionable – even to an Obama fan, and I am.


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