Brainy old hippies can be spies too. Nozette, recently retired from a long career as a high-security government scientist, was arrested today on charges of spying for Israel in exchange for lots of money.

When he worked for NASA, he told an interviewer for one of their newsletters that he enjoys “listening to The Grateful Dead Channel on Sirius satellite radio.” In this YouTube, he looks very casual-wear — not at all the sort who’d sell defense secrets for moolah.

But. You know. Live and learn.

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One Response to “Stewart Nozette’s Remote Sensing”

  1. Bill R Says:

    This seems to be another case of a government manufactured crime. Maybe the guy was seduced by the money, maybe he just doesn’t want to see the Israelis exterminated.

    Whatever the case, he was perfectly harmless until the government showed up waving thick wads of cash.

    Aren’t there any active criminals the government could prosecute? I mean, aren’t there people committing crimes without being bribed by the government. I understand there are quite a few. Maybe they ought to go after them first.

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