It’s really like saying `well yes I did steal from 16 people but I only took a dollar from each’,” [CK Stead] told Radio New Zealand.  [There were sixteen instances of plagiarism in New Zealand novelist and professor Witi Ihimaeras latest book.]

… Stead, who is a professor emeritus [at the University of Auckland,] the same university [where Ihimaera teaches], said he was disappointed at comments from Associate Prof Crosthwaite minimising the seriousness of the fault.

He said students had it hammered into them that they must acknowledge borrowed work and not pass work off as their own.

“You reject students’ essays for doing this and you fail them in exams for doing it.

“It makes you wonder what the title of a distinguished professor means in the University of Auckland if they then say what Witi Ihimaera has done doesn’t matter.”

Stead said the situation would reflect badly on the university until professors acknowledged the seriousness of what had happened…

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