This is the University of Victoria director of the Office of Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment. He’s talking about the latest effort to remove the many, many rabbits on campus.

Wild rabbits hopping amok around the University of Victoria’s campus will be trapped, sterilized and released in a new location starting in the New Year.

The University of Victoria has chosen Common Ground, a wildlife control company, to start up a pilot project to test the best ways to capture, spay and neuter, and relocate about 150 pesky feral rabbits said to pose a health hazard on the campus’s athletic fields.

Earlier efforts to rid the place of the rabbits have involved shooting them and blowing them up; this approach, everyone agrees, looks more humane.

And if it works, well — as the director suggests, other campus populations are next.

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2 Responses to ““If this project proves successful, we will look at how the lessons learned can be applied elsewhere on campus.””

  1. Polish Peter Says:

    I’m glad they are not going for the Swedish solution: There’s some terminological confusion, however, since one paragraph says they’re wild while another says they’re feral.

  2. Rohan Maitzen Says:

    Clearly they need to watch “Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.” This is a case for the BV-6000. As Lady Tottington says, “They’re Hoooomaaaane!”

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