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Vanity Journals and Your Children as Co-Authors

UD thanks her old friend Jonathan Freedman for this amazing bit of sleuthing from Daily Kos, which reviews Bishop’s publication record and concludes:

The tenure system in the U.S. is already under attack. Perhaps there are ways it could be improved. But this Alabama case has about as much to do with problems with the tenure system as the O.J. Simpson case has to do with problems with waiters.

Margaret Soltan, February 16, 2010 10:38AM
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One Response to “Vanity Journals and Your Children as Co-Authors”

  1. j in brooklyn Says:

    The material in the Daily Kos review may or may not be
    derived from the discussion at “Shepherds and Black Sheep”
    http://afamilyofshepherds.com which is where I first saw
    it personally.

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