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Brief History of SUNY Binghamton

From a blogger at Huffington Post:

Here’s the Cliff Notes version: Player pummels student into coma, flees country. Player knocks over woman while shoplifting condoms from Wal-Mart. Team season assist leader arrested for selling cocaine. Academically unqualified basketball prospects given special waivers. Players caught using stolen debit card. Subtle (and unfounded) hints of racism leveled at admissions officers trying to protect the school’s integrity. Text messages which point towards improper petty cash distributions to players. Smear campaigns leveled at a professor and New York Times reporter who had the audacity to rain on the parade. Head coach placed on indefinite leave. Athletic director forced out. University president announces retirement. University reputation in shambles.

Margaret Soltan, February 17, 2010 2:02PM
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One Response to “Brief History of SUNY Binghamton”

  1. Mr Punch Says:

    Binghampton’s reputation was unusually vulnerable to this sort of thing. If there’s any reality to the “best public university in the northeast” claim, it’s because of high admission standards and a good collegiate atmosphere — both now under a cloud.

    The idea that admitting academically unqualified athletes contributes to diversity is nonsense, by the way. The academically qualified athletes who are edged out for scholarships look just the same, statistically, as the recipients — and assuming otherwise amounts to racism.

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