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New information on the pipe bomb mailing in 1993.

Bishop must have learned from her remarkable success in the 1986 shooting that refusing cooperation with investigators is the ticket.

“Both suspects have retained an attorney and have refused to participate in further interviews, have declined to give consent to a search of an unattached garage to the rear of their house, and have refused to take a polygraph,’’ according to the documents [about Bishop and her husband].

The professor targeted, Paul Rosenberg, told police that “weeks before the attempted bombing, he played a role in Bishop’s resignation from her job as a postdoctoral research fellow in the hospital’s neurobiology lab because “he felt she could not meet the standards required for the work. …Rosenberg said Bishop’s co-workers felt she had “problems with depression,’’ that he thought “she was not stable,’’ and that there had been growing concerns because she had “exhibited violent behavior.’’


Boston Globe


And Washington Post.

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One Response to ““Bishop allegedly refused to open the door when investigators arrived with a warrant to search the couple’s Braintree home in April 1994, prompting them to break a window to enter.””

  1. Ahistoricality Says:

    As interesting as this is, refusing to take a polygraph doesn’t prove anything. First, Bishop seems to be the type who could fool the machine/operator; secondly, a fair number of people generate false positives. They’re pseudoscience, which has been widely recognized for years.

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