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From the New York Times:

… [Medical residency programs] where fewer graduates passed tests from the American Board of Internal Medicine — “one indicator of program quality” — were also more likely to accept the [financial] assistance [of drug companies for things like meals, office supplies, and drug samples].

… “As the pass rates went down,” [one observer] said of the new doctors’ test scores, “the odds of accepting pharmaceutical support went up.”

… Dr. Martin J. Blaser, chairman of the department of medicine at New York University, said his organization’s internal medicine residency program decided about five years ago to stop accepting food or financial support from industry.

“I spend a fair amount of my budget feeding my residents,” Dr. Blaser said, “but then they can learn in a way that is not unduly influenced by who is feeding them.”…


Wear it proudly.


UD thanks Brad.

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