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University Diaries…

… writes a letter to the Washington Post.

Margaret Soltan, March 26, 2010 10:17AM
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4 Responses to “University Diaries…”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    That’s hilarious! Why stop at a road show, though? We could have George Washington University: THE MUSICAL! Maybe we can get some famous performers to sponsor our schools, i.e. Lady Gaga’s George Washington University. The possibilities are endless….

  2. francofou Says:

    Yes, I once proposed that my university change its name to Thought World, with the idea that families could ride through buildings in a little train and watch faculty members — behind sturdy plexiglass (to protect visitors from contagion) — absorbed in reading, correcting papers, thinking. Certain departments in the humanities, classified as endangered species, would charge a supplement.
    The idea was vetoed because too many faculty members objected to being in their offices more than two hours a week.

  3. UD Says:

    Carolyn, francofou: I’m laughing out loud. That’s Entertainment.

  4. david foster Says:

    “universities, especially those that receive public financing, have some obligation to entertain the public”

    Why stop at universities? Maybe *everyone* who receives public funds should be required to perform entertainment gigs. I’d love to see some Congressional circus acts, especially those involving interaction with lions, tigers, and grizzly bears. And how about banks receiving TARP and other federal benefits? I expect a lot of shareholders and employees would turn out to watch Ken Lewis (BofA) and/or Vik Pandit (Citi) attempting a tightrope walk, especially without a net.

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