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Sure, it can happen at …

Berkeley, but the University of Memphis?

The Faculty Senate passed a motion last week urging University of Memphis President Shirley Raines to stop subsidizing the athletic department $2.2 million from education and general funds.

After almost an hour of debate, 25 members voted for the motion, five voted against and six abstained.

Besides the athletic department subsidy, which increased from $1.5 million last year, education and general funds pay for scholarships, equipment upgrades, employee raises and other amenities to benefit students and faculty at The University…

To quote Michelle Obama: Damn.


Oh. Not that these votes mean anything. Look at the latest on Berkeley athletics.

Margaret Soltan, March 30, 2010 5:07PM
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  1. A Reader Says:

    Here is a long discussion on Dr. Helen’s blog that might interest you.


    “The most overpriced product you could buy”.

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