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Debt service payments? Ask me if I give a shit.

An editorial in the University of Oregon newspaper describes Mike Bellotti’s classy exit from his athletics director position at UO (background here):

… Bellotti believes he was promised a five-year contract, which would have given him an even larger buyout, though it’s hard to know without evidence in writing. He said in a press conference he is not taking anything that isn’t owed to him, a statement that seems out of touch amid the ongoing argument that the University places a higher priority on athletics than academics. It’s irresponsible for Bellotti to insist upon so much money, when as former athletic director, he knows the athletic department already owes $16 million annually to cover debt service payments for Matthew Knight Arena…

Margaret Soltan, April 9, 2010 10:13AM
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One Response to “Debt service payments? Ask me if I give a shit.”

  1. david foster Says:

    I thought the Statute of Frauds generally required contracts to be *in writing* in cases where the contract cannot be performed within one year.

    In any event, it’s incomprehensible that an entity of a state government would pay out money in this kind of circumstance without a clear contractual duty to do so.

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