From the Slovenian Press Agency:

Secretary General of the government Milan M. Cvikl is facing allegations from a law expert that he copied an entire section of his book on reforms of EU legislation …

The head of the European law department at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, Matej Accetto, said in an article published on the web that the core section of the book “Reformed Law of the European Union” is in many ways a Slovenian translation of the Wikipedia entry on the subject.

“Sentence after sentence of Cvikl’s book follows from the Wikipedia entry. Including the last sentence…which is meant as an example of what has been said,” said Acceto.

He believes that “reasonable doubt has been dispelled” that Cvikl used plagiarism in his book and added that the book should never have been published.

In response Cvikl, who is Slovenia’s candidate for a member of the European Court of Auditors, denied Acceto’s allegations…

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