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… the way you know, if you’re a student paying to go there, that you’ve really chosen the bottom of the barrel, is the presence of known diploma mill graduates among the faculty.

Ramapo College, for instance, knows that Frank Tanzini bought his degree at Breyer State, one of the most notorious diploma mills, but it doesn’t care. They have him teaching (wait for it) Educational Leadership.

It’s just as funny to have the sort of person who goes to diploma mills teaching justice:

The granting of tenure last year for Theophilus “T.Y.” Okosun, a professor of justice studies, has caused rumbles among faculty members at [Northeastern Illinois University, a] 12,000-student public university on Chicago’s Northwest Side.

Okosun got his doctorate from the now-shuttered Pacific Western University in Los Angeles.

Rumbles? Rumbles? It bothers people who earned higher degrees over many years that one of their tenured colleagues got his degree in two seconds after pressing PRESS HERE FOR YOUR PHD TODAY! on his laptop?  And… what?  What was that?  They’re worried that he’s teaching students and he doesn’t know shit?

Okosun declined to provide a copy of his transcript or of his thesis.

Such contempt. Such contempt for their students. For the taxpayers. For the university.

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4 Responses to “The lowest of the low for a university…”

  1. theprofessor Says:

    Somehow, a bogus Ph.D. and “justice studies” seem to go together as well as ham and eggs.

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