… later this summer. She’ll meet up with Mr UD after he gives a paper there, and they’ll stay in the mountains for awhile.

UD will also make a little pilgrimage to American Fork, where her graduate school mentor, Wayne Booth, was born.

She’s reminded to mention this because Utah’s in the news this morning. The NCAA has finally decided that two semi diploma mills that give diplomas to high school flunkies recruited by Division I universities don’t any longer make the cut.

That leaves about twenty other semi diploma mills catering to recruits.

Or rather twenty-two. The NCAA’s decision represents a business opportunity.

The NCAA said Tuesday it no longer will allow teenagers to use online high school course credit from BYU to beef up their grades in key classes. The NCAA also announced it won’t recognize transcripts from the American School correspondence program in Illinois.

The move is part of new NCAA rules that require “regular access and interaction” between teachers and students in the 16 core courses required to establish initial eligibility for new college athletes.

The changes don’t affect NCAA Division II schools, but a panel representing them will reconsider the measure in June.

I’m sure those Division II schools will be along any moment now.

The NCAA in its announcement framed the prohibition as part of a larger effort to clamp down on online or mailed-correspondence courses taken by athletes. But for the moment, the NCAA is only banning online courses from BYU and one other institution, the Illinois-based American School.

The NCAA, in the press release on its website, said BYU and American School were “two of the programs most frequently submitted to the NCAA Eligibility Center.”

… Students trying to get or stay eligible to play sports at the University of Kansas, University of Mississippi and Nicholls State University …have been found to have improperly taken BYU correspondence courses. In the case of Nicholls State, some athletes didn’t know coaches enrolled them in the BYU courses.

Can there by any more pitiful sports program than Nicholls State? It cheats to get its guys on campus, and then no one comes to its games…

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