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Background on Bobby Gonzalez here. He’s been fired and is suing.

On admissions standards at Seton Hall:

Every one of those kids that I brought in, I’m not the admissions director. I’m not the administration. They were very well aware of all of their backgrounds. They admitted every one of them. There was a process with every one of those young men, they knew every kid there academically. They knew every player we brought into the program.

On his future:

Star Ledger: Do you feel that, given everything that has happened, you’ll have another shot to coach again?

BG: Absolutely. If you look around the country — and I’m certainly not going to name any names of coaches or schools — but there’s been guys right now currently (coaching) that have had sex scandals. There have been guys that have had DWIs that are coaching. There have been guys that have had major NCAA violations that are coaching.

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2 Responses to “Seton Hall’s Fired Coach Speaks”

  1. Richard Says:

    The salient part of the profile, for me, is the quote from a colleague saying that picking up the phone to Gonzalez means that you’ll spend the next hour listening to him. It is surely not beyond the ken or confidence of these people to end, or reasonably limit, a conversation. Especially when, given what we have read of Gonzalez, there are so many compelling reasons to not be around him. A few slammed-down phones wouldn’t have prevented his babyish tyranny, but the gesture remains worthy.

    That and the nickname ‘Gonzo’ – which he does not deserve. A Muppet of superior dignity, intellect, and contribution to civilization already bears it.

  2. theprofessor Says:

    Don’t blame the coaches. Blame the presidents of the universities who hire them. They know perfectly well what they are doing. I am tired of seeing university executives saying that they are outraged that the sleazeballs they hired are acting sleazily.

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