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… has a Y on it.   A big white Y.  For Young.  Brigham Young.  Also some inspiring rhythmic music has just started up.  I assume it’s BYU’s fight song, but Mr UD’s on the phone with La Kid right now and I can’t ask him.

The hills are alive with the sound of Mormons.


UPDATE:  No, not the fight song.

2010 will mark the 14th year of the NIKE Football Training Camps. These camps have produced such alums as Carson Palmer, Matt Forte, Darnell Dockett and Clay Matthews.

The NIKE Football Training Camps are designed to help elite high school players with college potential advance their football and training knowledge in order to maximize their ability. Participants are taught position-specific and athletic performance drills designed by some of the top NFL football players and sports performance specialists in America, and it is all FREE for the athletes.


We leave for Park City this afternoon.

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  1. Jeff Says:

    Your exposure to Mormon country must be followed up with a reading of this. The murder mystery part is mildly interesting but the history of the religion, what he calls the only *true* American religion, is simply fantastic.

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