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… its interest in luxury suites at University of Louisville football and basketball games onaccounta people were really pissed when they realized Dismas is a tax-funded non-profit charity sort of thing.

At first its CEO — who makes a humongous, totally corporate salary, so what’s the big deal with the luxury suites? — refused to give up his babies and said he had nothing to apologize for. Then I don’t know. Something happened. The IRS noticed the news stories about it maybe. I don’t know. Suddenly Dismas is all weepy and apologetic.

The UL athletic director agreed to release Dismas from its luxury suite contracts, but said this is “somewhat of a hardship” for the school.

You said it. They’ve got quite a few unrented luxury suites for both basketball and football and I don’t know how that has happened. Sports is a religion down there, etc., and watching the games from a luxury suite must be like worshipping at St Peter’s Basilica. You’d think they’d be clawing each other for the privilege. Anyway, I’m sure the university is making up the shortfall by destroying educational opportunities for its students.

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