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The complex issue of off-campus parties…

… emerges again (a student was killed at an off-campus party near Seton Hall not long ago), this time at Central Washington University, where a bunch of students, mainly women, have overdosed.

When officers arrived at the party, they found approximately 50 people, predominately underage students from Central Washington University. Several people were severely intoxicated, semi-unconscious or unconscious, Ferguson said. Twelve people were taken to the hospital, including a sexual assault victim.

Ferguson said police suspect drugs were given to the victims, most of whom were female, without their knowledge.

There’s also been, since the start of the academic year, a highly controversial police raid at an off-campus Yale party, and a student riot (it began as a tailgate gathering) near the University of Oregon.

Margaret Soltan, October 9, 2010 3:41PM
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