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The athletic department’s budget is stretched beyond its means, due in part to buyouts of prematurely dismissed revenue-sport coaches, of which [University of Minnesota coach Tim] Brewster is now the third in four years.

His original contract was set to expire after the 2011 season, but since Maturi gave him a two-year contract extension in January, the University is now on the hook for about $775,000 in Brewster buyout costs, according to the Star Tribune, which also reported the athletic department had to take out a loan from central administration to cover $5 million worth of buyouts associated with the early terminations of Brewster’s predecessor Glen Mason and former basketball coach Dan Monson.

Gearing up for a fourth winner.

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One Response to “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  1. Bill Gleason Says:

    The fun never ends here at the U of M(innesota)…

    The latest football-related fiasco is that one of the members of the Board of Regents – charged with finding us a new president – has been skulking around Bierman (athleticsville) muttering about the importance of football in picking a new president.

    Unfortunately he seems to have a man-crush on Wefald, the ex-president of K-State and sets him up as an example of an exemplary president. If you don’t remember, UD has earlier done the job on Wefald [“There’s something both disgusting and pathetic…”] e.g.:

    “The saint of KSU is a panting jocksniffer who has handed much of KSU’s money to a dirtily run football program. He has also engaged in nepotism and conflict of interest.

    Wefald is your basic long-running banana republic leader. Power went to his head. The Topeka Capital-Journal provides details of his conflict of interest.”

    link: http://www.margaretsoltan.com/?p=14263

    Wisconsin kicks our butt both academically AND in football. [ http://bit.ly/946N7c ] Maybe Regent Johnson should do his job and look into this, especially the academics part…

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