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James Madison University shows its students…

… just how seriously it takes dangerous drinking.

Lovely way to start the semester at JMU, with a big story in the campus newspaper featuring a psych professor’s latest mug shot, as she’s put away for two years for her second DWI within two years. Great message to send the students: If you’re a professor at JMU, you can just keep doing it.

Currently, Serdikoff is still employed by JMU, according to university spokesman Don Egle.

“The university has a process in place to deal with situations,” Egle said. “If there is conduct that needs to be dealt with, there are policy procedures to deal with that. We are aware of some elements of this ongoing situation.”

Great statement, Don!

“[A]dvisees have been informed she is unavailable this semester, but were not told why.” That’s it! Deal with it nice and directly. Express disapproval; put punishments into place…

Oh, whoops. No. That’s what you do when a student goes to jail for two years because she’s a threat to the community. When it’s a professor, you don’t do anything. You just let the campus reporters check the local court records, scare up her mug shot, and go to town. Well played.


JMU shows the same aplomb with the local media.

Margaret Soltan, January 13, 2011 10:27PM
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