… a member of Eastern Michigan University’s board of regents hasn’t been to a meeting in two years. EMU doesn’t say much when the paper asks for a comment… I guess nobody’s ever been kicked off the board before, says EMU’s spokesperson… Ho hum…

But… as long as you mention it… I guess we’ll can his ass! Okay!

Same paper, a few hours later:

Eastern Michigan University Regent Mohamed Okdie has resigned due to health reasons, Gov. Rick Snyder’s office said today. The resignation is effective immediately.

An AnnArbor.com report published this morning showed that Okdie hadn’t been to a meeting in nearly two years and attended just six meetings out of 20 since he was appointed to the university’s governing board in November 2007 by then-Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

I mean, yeah! Shit! We hadn’t noticed. Thanks.

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One Response to “So on February 7, an Ann Arbor newspaper reports that…”

  1. jim Says:

    The best kind of board members are the ones that don’t show up. It’s the ones that have ideas about the curriculum that you have to watch out for.

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