… just got even sicker.

I can’t tell you how much UD laughed when she realized that the going clichĂ© among pushers of big time university sports is sports are the front porch of the American university. You want to see a big sports university’s front porch? Check out the piss-filled entryways of all the University of Georgia buildings after any tailgate.

This guy says the tree poisoning is symbolic of professional as well as university sports. True. But check it out: University sports get amazing tax subsidies. They take huge amounts of money away from academics and impoverish undergraduates through high athletic fees. They make the admissions and retention process a sick joke.

They play to ugly, invidious emotions, and generate endless sick behaviors.

You don’t think so? You think I’m overstating? Right, because no one says what I’m saying until the next, sicker thing happens. When the next, sicker thing happens, everybody says what I’m saying.

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