…and staying, or so they say, at The Clarence Hotel.

In a couple of weeks, UD and her Morrissey-mad sister will be at the same hotel for a few nights, on their way to Galway to see La Kid.

The hotel’s right on the Liffey, where, a few days ago, the city’s Anna Livia statue was floated down that river on its way to Croppy Acre park.

“We floated her down the Liffey. We could have brought her in a truck but given all the circumstances the sculptor made the suggestion in a slightly offhand manner,” said [the Dublin parks superintendent.] This small idea turned into a reality when the organisers got in touch with Ringsend Boat Club, who were more than happy to bring Anna Livia to her new home. “We brought her down the river at lunchtime, so that people were able to see her. We thought it was appropriate that on her last journey she would float down the middle of the city. It gave it a sense of occasion.”

Here’s what UD might have seen (enlarge the picture) from the balcony of The Clarence if she’d been staying there this week. Lord, that would’ve been lovely.

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