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Conventional universities are forced into this one-to-many, someone lecturing to a timetable, because they have buildings to fill… In the online world you don’t need to fill buildings or lecture theatres with people and you don’t need to be trapped into a lecture timetable…

Gradually, determinedly, the online heroes lead us out of the darkness of the past.

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2 Responses to “Forced. Trapped. The horror.”

  1. francofou Says:

    A. The point of attending a college is not education, but certification, largely meaningless in most cases.
    B. The withdrawal of public funds forces colleges into a corporate model (the “education industry”). Corporations minimize spending and maximize income.
    C. There is no meaningful oversight of education at the local, state, or national level.

    Not a surprise, then, that the tech people are influential. The cheapening of university degrees began decades ago, before the rise of technology (with the active complicity of the faculty). The results have not been pretty. Technology is not a cause, but an instrument useful to the corporation. The cheapening continues.

    The call for higher graduation rates — an extraordinarily stupid idea — will accelerate the process.

  2. Polish Peter Says:

    “Lord Jim Knight, former education minister in England, has had a long interest in educational technology.” Perhaps a fan of Conrad to style himself so.
    He says, “Some people tell me we should be looking at perhaps more of an American model, where you do the first year or two of your degree from home at a community college – in the UK that could be a further education college or even at school – and you only go to finish off when you really need access to the research, your senior lecturer, your director of studies face to face.” American model? News to me here in America.

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