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UD has already examined the lucrative business of gathering corporate and government employees for a few days of leadership bullshit. It’s such an obvious scam that Senator Grassley, last year, asked a number of leadership bullshit institutes to explain why Margaret Soltan’s taxes pay for their bullshit.

More recently, a New Zealand politician has addressed himself to the very same scam: Government-sponsored, vastly expensive, leadership bullshit seminars. He wanted to know why this guy, who boasts an online PhD from California Coast University — a notorious diploma mill — is the DIRECTOR of this clever enterprise. Do the taxpayers of New Zealand have no self-respect?

[Keith Locke said] given the institute’s six-day leadership programme at Queenstown’s Millbrook Resort cost $18,285, plus $2558 in accommodation, it was time to review the course.

“There needs to be a check on public sector people using the institute, to see if there is value for money,” Locke said. “These courses are expensive. How can it be justified when three-year leadership programmes offered by the government itself through its Leadership Development Centre cost about $11,000.”

And when the Leader di Tutti Leaders has a fake degree.

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