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As Goldman Sachs is …

subpoenaed, Brown University students should think about their president’s contributions to this outcome.

Last year, UD‘s friend Roy Poses looked at the big picture.

Margaret Soltan, June 2, 2011 1:20PM
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One Response to “As Goldman Sachs is …”

  1. Robertr Mathiesen Says:

    You know, the faculty of Brown University just voted her their very highest honor, the Susan Colver Rosenberger medal, which has been given to very few in the past.

    Our collective indifference to the academic culture of corruption is not limited only to administrators, or to academic fields where corruption has already become endemic. I worry that most of the university’s faculty is either indifferent or complicit.

    And I am so very deeply ashamed that we, the faculty, have done this.

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