UD leaves today for her annual Rehoboth Beach vacation. (Haven’t read the book I just linked to. Good title.) Blogging, of course, continues as ever.

Here are two current snapshots from Rehoboth:

Yesterday, tons of headless fish washed ashore. (HEADLESS FISH ON TOPLESS BEACH?) This story reminded me of my brief swim, many years ago, in the Baltic waters off Gdansk. Quite a few dead fish there too.


Lingo’s Market, a Rehoboth landmark where the summer people shop for groceries, is being fought over by the son and daughter of the woman who for many years (she just died, in her nineties) owned and operated it.

The woman seems not to have liked her son. This is from her will:

I make no provisions in this will for my son Archie, except the same amount of love that he showed me after he started living with his French girlfriend, because he has been well provided for. This is because, Archie, you came to me and said, ‘Mother, let me show you how to save money by incorporating Lingo’s Market.’ You incorporated it as ‘Archie Lingo’s Market.’ I trusted you my son, but you used me for [your] own money grubbing ways.

Ooh la la.

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