… was such a young-man-in-a-hurry that when she sat at meetings over which he presided, he was always kind of a blur, racing out of the room to talk on his cell phone, racing through the meeting…

Hirshman has lately raced himself right into a buzz saw; though, on the up side, he might make legislative history.

He’s the new president of San Diego State University, a woeful institution very small on cash and very big on athletics. Last prez of SDSU made $300,000; the school’s board threw in an extra $100,000 for Elliot… Not really a problem; they’re just taking it out of tuition (goes up 12% this year) …

“Appalling… egregious,” say state senators, some of whom are introducing legislation placing limits on what you can make at a public institution when the entire state economy is shit.

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  1. Michael McNabb, Attorney Says:

    For (many) more examples see Section 3 of $tate of the University–A Parent’s Perspective at http://ptable.blogspot.com/2011/07/my-friend-and-fellow-alum-michael.html#links.

  2. University Diaries » Elliot Redux Says:

    […] Hirshman, UD‘s erstwhile, young-man-in-a-hurry, colleague – whose negotiation of a massive raise over his predecessor’s salary at a Cal State campus really pissed people off – is back in the […]

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