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The chancellor of North Dakota’s university system could definitely express himself less windbaggedly; but that’s a small embarrassment. He has two big embarrassments to deal with, so forget the way he talks.

First big embarrassment: Turns out that if you so much as use a bathroom at ND’s Dickinson State University you’ll be enrolled as a full-time student and given all A’s.

Enrollment-technique-wise, the simplicity of physical capture is an improvement over the for-profits’ convoluted psych-ops. Just – comme disent les bouddhistesBe Here Now.

Second big embarrassment: The president of Dickinson State is doing a Bootsie Mandel. He refuses to leave, even though the chancellor has fired him.

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One Response to ““The circumstance that arises in a situation like this is one where you become very deliberate and strategic, in terms of the institution, the university, certainly the public perception, credibility of the institution, credibility of the university system is very much at stake.””

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