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“Ever been stuck up here in the snow?”

One of our fellow guests asked Christa, our innkeeper, this as we all ate breakfast this morning.

Well, there was one time… I knew it would be bad, so I told my guests – a young couple – they should leave one day early, before the big snow hit. “No,” they said; “we have an SUV. We’ll be fine.” So down came the snow and that SUV wasn’t going anywhere… I knew we’d be in for a few rough days, but I had some food in my freezer and I was able to cook simple meals.

We spent a lot of time chatting at the fireplace, and one evening I mentioned that I was going to miss an opera in Charlottesville and the young man says “You like opera?” And I said “I love opera.” And he said, “Well, we can sing for our supper.”

And his girlfriend turned out to be an opera singer! Her name is Hyunah Yu, and … well I’ll put on one of her cds.

So now there’s this strong melancholy soprano wafting a Bach cantata through the mountain house, and Christa tells us her story. “She was going to be a doctor…”

You can read the harrowing story here.

Here’s a YouTube that features her singing Amazing Grace.

Margaret Soltan, August 9, 2011 9:42AM
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