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One of the daffier experimental ideas in the Australian mental health community – trying out anti-psychotic drugs on children as young as fifteen who have never had a psychotic episode but might, by some mysterious standard, be at risk for one in the future – has been shot down due to international outrage.

Whether it’s Joseph Biederman here or Patrick McGorry there, note the common thread: dosing young and vulnerable brains and bodies with immensely powerful drugs, based on the thinnest of diagnostic justifications. It’s a sickening, destructive, and frightening trend. Universities need to be aware that they are housing – and often celebrating – the dosers.

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One Response to ““We’re talking about kids as young as 15 who could get a full dose of antipsychotics and they’re not psychotic.””

  1. dmf Says:

    amen sister UD, these are massive unregulated and unscientific programs of human testing and the human/civil rights violations are piling up.

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