I come to praise GW.

It’s been a long dark wet day, and I’m just about to walk to the Foggy Bottom metro and go home. But first I want to praise GW.

When I got out of the metro station this morning, anxious about how well I’d do in my second week of teaching, since I’m not quite recovered from my surgery, it was impossible to feel anything but good. Good and strong and happy.

Because here after all was the world – the world of people – and I hadn’t had much to do with that for three or so weeks, as I lay in bed reading, blogging, and taking pain pills. Here were… Wellies! Wellies of all kinds – spotted, mid-calf, plaid, psychedelic, thigh-high. Gazing especially at the stylish GW women splashing around me, their elegant suede-like Wellies setting off black leggings and soft brown jackets, I was… I dunno… enamored. It was a hyper-urban scene – people jogging, servers setting out tables in front of the row of new restaurants across from my office, a wrecking crew working its way through what used to be a campus parking lot – and I realized I’d missed this, faces and bodies whirling around me, chic new foodie places coming on to me with their starched tablecloths and big pink container plants. It was opening day for Whole Foods. It was morning in the city, and even in the rain people were crisp and excited and beautiful.

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