… Swedish style.

… Jan Björklund, the minister of education, moved to tighten central control over [for profit] schools and is soon to launch a parliamentary inquiry into competition and free schools.

“Loopholes in the legislation have meant that free schools can elect not to have a library, student counseling and school nurses,” he complained. “And as they get just as much money as the municipal schools, the owners have been able to withdraw the surplus.”

… Much of the learning at the 32 schools in Sweden run by the company is done alone by students, using an online system, with one-on-one guidance from teachers once a week, interspersed with lectures in classes of up to 60 students.

If students prefer to play cards and chat all day, it’s up to them.

[The author of a recent study] argued that such systems were brought in as much to save costs as to improve education.

Kunskapsgymnasiet’s IT-based teaching system allows it to cut the number of teachers it employs in Malmö to 5.1 teachers per 100 students, compared to an average of 8.2 teachers per 100 students at municipal schools.

“Many municipal schools are horrendously bad,” Vlachos said. “But the difference between the free schools and the municipal schools is that the free schools actually have a profit incentive to reduce quality.”

Hey! Same here!

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One Response to “Click-thru U – or, rather, high school – …”

  1. Mike S. Says:

    Kunskapsgymnasiet = knowledge College
    ah google translate, good for a laugh,
    if not quite as good for a translation

    I was in Sweden for a summer as a child, it was great!
    Sesame Street in Icelandic, 4 dozen types of prepared of herring in cold case at the store (I’m not joking),
    the state of things at the beach… well I was too young to appreciate it then

    Hopefully this minister’s efforts will not be stymied by the interested parties. But I think even if he’s successful there it will not influence the way things are done here.
    Go Sverige!

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