Now this man here says “Texas got greedy,” but I think it’s more like all universities want their own tv network so they can show games and recruits and shit. What’s a university for if not your own three hundred million dollar sports network?

Now jump over to this story and you find out that the suckers at UT can’t watch the network! Or I mean they can but it’ll cost them big. “It’s not good if it’s a network that no one can watch,” notes a UT professor. Haha, soak the students for more fees.

Back to this article, which calls the whole deal a “fiasco.” No, UT can’t do prep telecasts. Yes, it’s alienating the members of its (dwindling) conference.

The article’s author compares UT to the head of a mafia organization.

This thing is just getting started, and the free publicity it’s generating for the university is amazing!

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