Duh. But Canada has these confidentiality rules that protect even professors who have been found guilty of extensive research fraud. The executive director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers (I quote him in my headline) is calling for more transparency.

Especially in this case – where a professor simply made up scads of published studies – students, professors, and the public need to know who he/she is, so they can protect themselves. Since we’re also not told what field the pretender is in, we have to assume the worst. You need to be able to see people like this coming.

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One Response to ““[I]f there is a finding of research misconduct then I think it should be made public.””

  1. adam Says:

    Is this not the same corrupt argument the clergy used to cover up the misdeeds of its members? In the wake of academic fraud, as in the case of clerical evil, confidentiality has been forfeited.

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