What… that dipshit? He couldn’t find his ass with both hands and an assmap.

(UD is trying to imagine what Great Neck North High School administrators must have said in their conversations leading to the arrest of a group of students on criminal charges of cheating on the SATs.)

And talk about the burden of intellect! Here’s poor Eshaghoff “[flying] home from college primarily to impersonate two students and [taking] the SAT twice in one weekend.” The one guy with a brain is always on call.

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One Response to “‘Administrators then identified six students who “had large discrepancies between their academic performance records and their SAT scores,” the prosecutor said.’”

  1. Mike S. Says:

    Well maybe it’s true, but I sure as hell hope the high school administration had something better to go on than discrepancy between grades and scores. To assert just that and nothing more constitutes probable cause is absurd.

    Oh, and yes I’m speaking from experience, I had terrible high school grades and very nice SAT/ACT scores, and I sure didn’t cheat.

    Probably the school came down on some students with pressure tactics, “well expel you if don’t tell us what’s going on”, and “no, you can’t have lawyer present while we talk, after all we’re not the cops”. You know how it goes, but those 17 and 18 year old kids from “one of the nation’s top academic high schools” probably do not.

    [Never, ever cooperate, keep your mouth closed, get a lawyer and save what you have to say for the courtroom, if you’ve anything to say at all. The mobsters were the only ones who ever understood this, and after about 80 or 90 years of operations even they started to turn on each other.]

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