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University of Massachusetts Law School: Just out of the gate…

… and already a winner.

A pointless new law school has, within minutes, lost its new president.

[A] University audit revealed $2,235 in [personal] expenses which should have been reimbursed.

The whole point of a new public law school, you recall, was that “the school won’t fall back on taxpayers.” Whose money did the president just spend on family travel? How much will buying out his contract cost? Hiring headhunters to find a replacement?

The absolutely pointless University of Massachusetts law school: Already a class act.


UD thanks Andre.

Margaret Soltan, October 21, 2011 12:24AM
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One Response to “University of Massachusetts Law School: Just out of the gate…”

  1. Tobe Says:

    Time for another big-time nationwide search.

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