… but the quieter, ongoing, incredibly expensive bullshit of big-time university sports looks like this.

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One Response to “Sure, we’re all watching heads roll at Penn State…”

  1. Michael McNabb, Attorney Says:

    It gets worse.

    If the U of M had insurance to cover liability for the negligent misrepresentation of the basketball coach, the insurance company would usually select (and pay) an outside law firm to represent the University rather than using the General Counsel of the University. It is likely that the U of M is “self-insured” for misadventures like this, so the University will have to use its own funds to pay the million dollar award.

    The administration is currently negotiating the extension of the contract of the basketball coach. Would the administration be negotiating the extension of the employment contract for any other employee whose error cost the University even a sum far less than $1 million?

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