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The second year at the University of York is better than the first.

Moving from first year I’ve seen nothing but improvement – as a fresher my lectures were about as dynamic as a turnip. The endless PowerPoint slides after PowerPoint slides, each one a glutton for the fashionable use amongst lecturers of bullet points as sentence connectives, sucked the life out of the subject and students faster than the love-child of a Dementor and a Dyson until our fruits of knowledge were all but jaded, shrivelled little raisins.

…So starting my second year it is a wonderful surprise to find that my new set of didactic pedagogues do not endeavour to make the phrase “death by PowerPoint” a reality, but I feel that they are talking to me and engaging me in the discipline, arousing such strange sentiments as an actual desire to do the wider reading.

Kind of all over the place writing, but I think you pick up on the fact that he didn’t like PowerPoint.

Margaret Soltan, November 11, 2011 5:16PM
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