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The good news just keeps coming for the biggest baddest football schools, with Oklahoma State students responding to a victory by storming the field in a riot that critically injured two and less critically injured several more.

Some students were spared injury by their university’s clever expedience of pricing tickets so high many can’t afford them. The Oklahoma State newspaper’s editorial board complains:

It’s not as if the [OSU] athletic department is broke. It made a profit of more than $16 million from 2009 to 2010, and we know seats aren’t exactly selling like flapjacks on final’s week. One can notice that from looking at all the empty seats at midfield (a costly $832 per seat donation requirement is likely the reason for the lack of a sellout, but that is a discussion for another time)… Fielding a great football team does not require ripping off the students.

Better an empty luxury box than some jerk in the stands with no money!


And if you think nobody does it better — How ’bout Florida and Florida State??

Authorities ejected 167 people from the stadium for violations. And in what police say was a first, a fight broke out among people in an elevator outside the pricey skyboxes.

Violence also occurred outside the stadium. In two of the more egregious incidents, a man was beaten and his head stomped, and two people doing FSU’s tomahawk chop while walking along West University Avenue were accosted.

You can understand people getting violent in the vicinity of the luxury suites. Not only are those fans drunk (alcohol is only allowed in the skyboxes… imagine how many more than 167 people would have been ejected if the whole stadium could drink!), but if their team is down a point or two it’s like I paid $87,000 for this box and SHIT MAN I’M PISSED.

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  1. JND Says:

    Big time. Big 12. Big Okies. Big idiots.

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