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You must remember this: A Zdeblick is just a Zdeblick. A Medtronic is just a Medtronic. The fundamental things apply.


And ask yourself: Why should this guy, a fully-functioning arm of the Medtronic corporation, bother with the whole “chairman,” “professor,” “university” thing anyway?

Look at it from Medtronic‘s point of view and you’ll immediately understand. They’re after the prestige and scientific legitimacy most people continue to associate with universities. As long as the University of Wisconsin continues to agree to play its assigned role – generator of an atmosphere of intellectual integrity – Medtronic will insist that its man remain on its faculty.

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2 Responses to ““What kind of message goes out when the chairman of the department who is going to be evaluating promotions is so deep into the pocket of Medtronic?” he said. “That message, that you can have it all, that you can take millions from Medtronic and still be chairman of the orthopedics department, that’s a message that should make people uncomfortable.””

  1. Bernard Carroll Says:

    It’s the club at work. Looking at UW dean Robert Golden’s photograph I was reminded that he is one of the fools who wrote the Wall Street Journal in 2006 defending Charles Nemeroff, now disgraced. So, for that matter, did the chairman of the UW department of psychiatry.

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