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The Stone-Lover’s Apotheosis.

No one told UD about Buddha Beach.

No one told her that, as she followed Oak Creek beneath the red rocks, she’d come to a clearing full of stacked stones.

First you see this – gatherings of mainly gray stone on top of a large red slab. You think nice pretty cute sweet and move along. A few steps later the whole silver-tree forest is cairns – endlessly, beautifully, everywhere. Not just on the ground around you. Along tree trunks, inside tree hollows. The sculpture’s base is often a large smooth red river rock, on top of which smaller gray, black, white, mottled, and volcanic rocks have been balanced.

You can’t help adding to this spell-binding human offering. With the creek washing along beside you, you begin scouting stones to top off a tower here and a tower there.

Thousands of these little formations lie just under massive Cathedral Rock. They feel like a loving, adorably absurd, affirmation of our connection to Cathedral.

Margaret Soltan, January 12, 2012 5:23PM
Posted in: snapshots from sedona

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