So I went to the university bookstore today to buy a couple of books for my classes. Of course I should get them at no cost, but I tend to forget to fill out the get-them-at-no-cost form, and then the first day of class is upon me and I must hie to the GW bookstore.

The morning had been bleak and wet, and I couldn’t help noting the contrast between a high desert (UD has just returned from a week in Sedona) and a low swamp. But by the time I got my ass in gear for the short walk to the store, the sky had gone all powder blue, and it looked as though DC had decided to try to win me back.

As always, I kept having La Kid sightings – kept thinking (wrongly) I was seeing my daughter (she’s a GW student) walking just ahead of me, or striding toward me, blond hair bouncing, expensive scarf whipping in the wind, black leggings and silver Wellies working it. I’ve tried, on this blog, to convey just how incredibly good GW women look – how chic, how burnished, how preternaturally put together. La Kid is one of these.

The snaky line at the bookstore moved fast. Students exchanged winter break stories (“I spent Christmas on a scummy beach in Louisiana. But it was a beach.”) and agreed that they weren’t ready for the new semester. They texted and texted and texted. One woman told another the entire plot of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Although UD has been suffering from a bit of post-travel fatigue, she found that her teaching, later in the day, perked her up nicely.

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