The Romney/Cantor argument about income inequality sweeps the nation.

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2 Responses to ““It’s amazing to hear your deepest convictions articulated so poignantly by a politician,” said out-of-work Denver resident Austin Matthews, 36, admitting he had never before encountered a candidate—or any human being, for that matter—who had connected with him on such a basic emotional level. “He comes right out and says that any acknowledgment of income inequality in the United States is driven solely by bitterness and envy from the lower classes and shouldn’t even be discussed publicly. It’s like he’s tapped directly into the soul of everyday Americans.””

  1. University Diaries » The Chrometophobic Republic Says:

    […] – the Eric Cantor thing – is to assert that any allusion to money is a sign of petty envy on the part of the […]

  2. University Diaries » UD’s buddy, Tenured Radical, deserves all sorts of praise… Says:

    […] a beaut. UD‘s all-time favorite use of it has to be Greg Mankiw’s and Eric Cantor, as they labor away against new tax policies. People who aren’t rich envy rich people and […]

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