Seyla Benhabib, author of a resolution, just passed by the Yale faculty, that notes the unimpressive “respect for civil and political rights” in contemporary Singapore, and urges a new Singapore/Yale university venture to uphold civil liberties on its campus, reflects on her victory.

Yale’s president objected to the “sense of moral superiority” in the resolution.

Funny how you find moral relativism not among faculty, but among administrators, eh?

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One Response to ““…Yale College faculty rose to the occasion and debated relentlessly for two and a half hours this resolution and its details. …I think we just have to sit back and take stock, but it’s a big moment for Yale and this is not the time to spin things every which way.””

  1. MattF Says:

    It would be nice if it was reality being ironic, but I suspect it’s Sutton’s Law, yet again. “So, Willie… why do you rob banks?”

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