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Yeshiva University, with trustees Madoff and Merkin…

… set the pace here** – and as for bohemoth endowment losses based on interest-rate swaps, no one will ever outpace Harvard’s Larry Summers .

But Dartmouth is certainly doing its bit, with “the investment of $550 million in interest-rate swaps with now-defunct Lehman Brothers that [a faculty and alumni group] says are now worth $250 million.”

A lot of people at Dartmouth are unhappy about university trustees who are also money managers, and they’ve written a letter about it to the governor and attorney general of New Hampshire.

The letter calls for an investigation into money managers who have invested the Hanover, N.H.-based college’s assets while members of the investment committee… The letter accuses the money managers of “enriching themselves” through private equity, venture capital and hedge fund investments made by the endowment.



In an official letter distributed to alumni, students, faculty, and administration, Yeshiva University President Richard Joel stated that Merkin, who was Chairman of the University Investment Committee, managing its endowment of almost $1.8 billion (as of about 2 years ago), had invested about $112 million in his own hedge fund, Ascot Partners, which was almost solely invested with the [Bernard] Madoff fund. In actuality, it was an initial investment of $14 million that became falsely inflated to $112 million over time. As such, Merkin collected an initial fee of one percent and later 1.5 percent, standard for all of Yeshiva’s money managers on whose Board of Trustees he sat. He collected over $2 million in fees, almost $1 million for Ascot alone. In fourteen years, the fund grew 9 percent a year, even after subtracting losses for Madoff and expenses. He made at least $10 million from Yeshiva over his tenure. Although Joel implicitly acknowledged that the university’s charter lacked a conflict of interest restriction on the management of school funds, Merkin resigned from all of his positions at Yeshiva that day.

Margaret Soltan, May 28, 2012 9:13AM
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