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… really knows how to pick ’em.

[Kenneth] Rall quietly resigned as chairman of the [University of Missouri] radiology department in December shortly before word got out that the radiology department [was] under scrutiny [for Medicare fraud].

His past was marked by trouble.

Rall was convicted of misdemeanor stealing in the 1980s for signing over Medicaid refund checks to himself while working at a Columbia radiology company. He had faced steeper felony charges, but the prosecutor lost evidence days before the trial. Rall also paid back nearly $1 million from a check-kiting scheme that used lag time between banks to inflate one account balance with non-existing funds from another account.

Rall left town in the midst of the controversy in the mid-80s but returned and went to work for the University of Missouri School of Medicine in 1998. When the school recruited him back, administrators knew about his past legal issues, spokesman Rich Gleba previously told the Tribune.

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