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UD finds a PERFECT description of what she has long called …

the morgue classroom. This is a classroom headed by a professor reading PowerPoint slides aloud and students playing on their phones and laptops. It is Death Perfected. It is the postmodern university interaction par excellence. Read and learn:

Walking by a classroom one day I saw a student sitting in the back row of the room, simultaneously wearing iPod ear buds and texting on her iPhone — which was sitting on top of and thus “hidden” by her Macbook (with the browser opened to her Facebook page)…

… I looked for the professor — and, yes, there he was, standing at the front of the room progressing a Powerpoint slide presentation with lots of bullets followed by perhaps three or four words. And he would use the laser pointer to indicate the specific word(s) he was reading aloud (which was odd, since presumably each of the students was technically literate) and he would then move on to the next slide. Tenured around the time of the Crimean War, he had definitely seen his share of students come through the university. But still, I wondered: Don’t you know? Don’t you care? Aren’t you, in theory, supposed to be teaching them — instead of just playing with your techno-toys while they parallel play with their own?

A Lehigh professor describes the death chamber to a T.

Margaret Soltan, June 14, 2012 1:42PM
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